Building Success from Strengths: How to Engage Students’ Islands of Competence

When students struggle with academics, leaning on strengths in the arts or music can help more than focusing on deficits.

A Guide to Supporting Grieving Students

Dr. Jillian Blueford explains how school counselors can provide empathy, understanding and healthy resources for children as they navigate grief.

Supporting Queer Students: A Guide to Normalizing Queer Policy in Schools

Queer students face unique challenges in schools. Developing more inclusive policies can help ensure they have the opportunity to succeed.

What Is the School Counselor’s Role in Addressing Challenges for Queer Students?

School counselors can build queer-affirming environments. However, they should recognize the limitations in their knowledge and work to fill those gaps.

What Challenges Do Queer Students Face?

Even small challenges related to identity can pull focus from learning for queer students. Eliciting feedback from the students themselves can help identify solutions. 

What Does Queer Mean?

Queer is an umbrella term that represents that everyone is different and that differences should be celebrated. Learn how schools can understand labels.