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Meet the Next Generation of Information Leaders

MLIS@Denver students are committed to supporting lifelong learning and providing access to information in a rapidly changing technology environment—allowing them to effectively connect their communities to information through the lens of social justice.

Explore our students’ stories to learn more about their library and information science journeys—then start your own with Morgridge College of Education online.

Alyssa Brillante: New Mexico

Celebrating Information and Exploration

With the importance of education instilled into her at a young age, Alyssa has always loved books, research and organizing information. Coming from a traditional education background, Alyssa knew she wanted a program that would challenge her to think past her own frame of reference. With MLIS@Denver, she found a cutting-edge online program where she could explore different facets of library science and pursue a role as an information leader in her community.

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Emily Fowler: Colorado

Pursuing a Passion for Information Literacy

Through her years of experience teaching at the high school and college level, Emily developed a passion for guiding each student through a unique learning process and the role that information literacy plays within that process. With MLIS@Denver, she discovered how she could help empower individuals by improving their access to information while maintaining a learning schedule that fits both her personal and professional commitments.

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Stephen Parker: Texas

Focusing on Lifelong Learning

Stephen explored a number of professions in journalism, finance and education before he decided on a career committed to lifelong learning. With MLIS@Denver, he found an online program where he could develop the skills to improve the connections between information, people and ideas.

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Sarah Villanueva: Minnesota

Making an Impact on Her Community

As the granddaughter of a public librarian and University of Denver alumnus, Sarah has always felt an affinity for libraries. Through the MLIS@Denver program, she has gained the skills to pursue a career that specializes in archiving and has chosen a path that will allow her to serve as a steward of her community’s history.

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