Stacy Pinto, PhD, NCC

Pronouns: she/they

Department of Counseling Psychology,
Program Director,
Clinical Assistant Professor

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PhD Montclair State University
MA Montclair State University

Research Interests:

  • intersectionality
  • queer issues across the life span
  • sexual identity labeling and language

Licenses & Certifications:

  • Certified School Counselor (New Jersey)
  • Licensed Associate Counselor (New Jersey)
  • Board-Certified Counselor (National Board for Certified Counselors)

Select Current & Recent Projects:

  • Pinto, S. & Gentry, K. (2018, September). An intentional approach to integrating sexuality into counselor education and practice, 2018 NARACES Conference, Burlington, VT.
  • Grant, K., Pinto, S.& Levitt, D. (2018, September). Merging the art and science of counseling through the use of Portraiture as a qualitative method of inquiry, 2018 NARACES Conference, Burlington, VT.
  • Lardier, D., Bermea, A.,Pinto, S.,Garcia-Reid, P. & Reid, R. (2017). The relationship between sexual minority status and suicidal ideations among urban Hispanic adolescents. Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 11(3), 174-189.
  • Pinto, S., Lardier, D. T., Brammer, M. K., Garcia-Reid, P. & Reid, R. (under review). Effects of social connection on school bullying and suicidal ideation in queer youth of color.
  • Pinto, S., Lardier, D. T., Kooyman, L. & Dzik, P. (in progress). Counseling sexual minority identified clients: Implications for training and supervision.
  • Pinto, S. (in progress). Sexual identity labeling and language: How we choose to express ourselves and what it could mean.

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